HG Timber Limited is one of only a few manufacturers located in the south east of England that supplies new Kiln dried or Heat Treated (ISPM) pallets.

With the facilities on site to carry out the above we are able to control all of the different aspects of the manufacturing process.

Every pallet is manufactured to one of the highest standards available in the UK today. Occupying a site close to Milton Keynes, we have excellent motorway links and controlling our own transport fleet, HG Timber has built its reputation on total commitment to quality of product and reliability of service.

There are many different styles of pallets under the categories of 4 way and 2 way pallets. We can offer the following variants in both types of pallets:

Chamfering, Notching, Corner Cutting, Branding, Stencilling, Spray Painting, Heat Treatment, Kiln Drying.

Pallet types

4 Way Pallets

4 way entry pallets are composed of Top Deck Boards, Stringers, Blocks and Base Boards. From the basic designs there are hundreds of variants depending of the end users specific requirements.

2 Way Pallets

2 way entry pallets are composed of Top Deck Boards, Bearers and if required Bottom Deck Boards. The bearers can be notched to allow entry for fork lift trucks and or pallet trucks.

Pallet options

Corner Cutting

Corner cutting to facilitate shrink/stretch wrapping and prolong pallet life.

Chamfered Base Boards

One of the most common options on Perimeter base pallets is Chamfered Base Boards to facilitate pallet truck use.

HG Timber believes that timber is the most sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly raw material available. It offers businesses with packing requirements, plus a number of other sectors including construction, retail and manufacturing, the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and therefore the effect their businesses have on the environment.

It is also the most popular material in the world for the storage, transport and movement of goods, and one of the key elements in timber being such a responsible corporate choice environmentally is its renewability.

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