HG Timber was one of the first companies in the UK to become certified to supply timber products from FSC® certified material (guaranteed to have been harvested from forests managed in an economically viable, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner).

The factory includes state-of-the-art plant and production lines that increase efficiency, reduce lead times and minimise the effect on the environment

As part of our commitment to an ongoing reduction in CO2 emissions HG Timber also offers a full pallet recycling service. After the recycling process is complete, unusable pallets are converted into woodchip and used as fuel in the biomass plant.

Wood waste management

As part of HG Timber’s comprehensive approach to the environment we offer a wood waste and scrap pallet collection service. This is accredited by The Environment Agency through the Wood Waste Transfer Licence.

Any pallet or wood waste collected for scrap goes through the reprocessing facility which converts it to wood chip. This provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly fuel for the kilns and heating the factory in winter.

The energy produced from our wood waste biomass plant helps to reduce HG Timber’s carbon footprint and also allows for cost savings that are passed on to customers.