3 additional HGVs

Due to the demand and sales increasing over 500% in the last decade, we are increasing our number of HGVs up to 6. By taking control of the delivery process, we are able to ensure our products arrive on time and the full supply chain is under our control. The 3 Scania trucks are the latest euro 6 which reduce our fuel costs at around 20%.

Another commitment to deliver our products on time every time!

HG Timber believes that timber is the most sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly raw material available. It offers businesses with packing requirements, plus a number of other sectors including construction, retail and manufacturing, the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and therefore the effect their businesses have on the environment.

It is also the most popular material in the world for the storage, transport and movement of goods, and one of the key elements in timber being such a responsible corporate choice environmentally is its renewability.

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